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How to Use Decorative Window Film In Colorado Springs Homes

How to Use Decorative Window Film In Colorado Springs Homes

Now that many of us are spending a lot more time within our homes, it’s a great time to find ways to improve your space. While major renovation projects are probably not ideal with the ongoing pandemic and winter season, there are smaller projects that homeowners can take on. Finding ways to enhance your decor can really do wonders when you’re stuck in the same, limited space. While decorative window film often has a rep for being only for commercial properties, it actually offers some incredible residential benefits. Here are some ways to incorporate decorative window film into your Colorado Springs home.

The Benefits of Decorative Window Film for Your Colorado Springs Home

  • Custom, eye-catching wall art: There are many surface film options that can be utilized for home enhancement. Think of these as murals, textures, or patterns that you can apply to your walls for better decor. If you have glass elements in your home, decorative film options are also available for transforming your space.
  • Bathroom design options: Frosted glass can be an expensive addition and replacement. Decorative film offers a cost-effective alternative that mimics the appearance. The water-resistant option can provide long-term beauty and privacy for your bathroom. Gain access to beautiful custom printing options for mirror designs.
  • Home workspace improvements: From whiteboard film to frosted privacy options, homeowners can improve the look and productivity of their home offices. Enjoy leading solutions that can help you better enjoy working from home.

Work With Colorado Springs’ Top-Rated Decorative Window Film Expert

Colorado Springs Window Film is honored to be the top-rated decorative window film expert serving the state of Colorado. Our team is always happy to help you find unique, creative ways to better improve the decor of your property. For more information regarding our decorative film options, please contact us!

Mike Kinsey is the Chief Operating Officer at Colorado Springs Window Film and has over a decade of experience installing window films of all types. He has overseen hundreds of window film installs in the Colorado Springs metro area, accounting for a total of over 250,000 square feet of film. His area of expertise ranges from residential to commercial and industrial applications and includes security, energy efficient, and decorative tinting. His background in construction and project management gives him the ability to plan for and execute virtually any size and type of project. Mike's product knowledge and attentiveness to detail sets him apart and has given him a reputation of one of the most trusted professionals in the industry. He is certified by 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education.