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From homeowners to business owners, anyone who owns or manages a property can significantly improve the quality of their space with a simple window film upgrade.


Many Colorado Springs residents are interested in creating a “greener,” more energy conscious home. With energy efficiency window tinting, Colorado Springs homeowners can save as much as fifty percent on heating and cooling costs. The films work by adding thermal efficiency to the glass of the windows, blocking solar heat gain in the summer and preventing heat loss in the winter.

For homeowners looking to add security, a different type of window film would be installed. This security or loss prevention film adds to the strength of the glass once applied. This stronger glass is considerably more shatter-proof and if the window does get smashed, the film will hold the pieces in place in the window frame. With this type of window tinting, Colorado Springs homeowners can protect themselves from burglaries or other attempts to gain access through the windows.


Colorado Springs businesses can take advantage of the benefits of the preceding two types of window films as well. But there are several other types of films that they might have use of.

Anti-graffiti window film can be a big money saver for businesses that are at risk of being defaced by graffiti. There are films for the windows, the mirrors, and even smooth metal surfaces such as toilet stalls, signs, or bus stops. They are known as sacrificial films, made of a polyester so durable that it will take the brunt of a graffiti attack, even one using etching, scratching, or acid, and leave the surface below unmarred. The ruined films can be uninstalled, leaving the surface in good condition for the reinstallation of fresh film.

Decorative window films are a rapidly expanding category. They can add privacy, style, and interest to a room. They can be installed to look like frosted glass, patterned glass, or custom designed with any kind of customer-provided artwork. With this type of window tinting, Colorado Springs businesses can add a unique and high end look, new style, and as much or little color as they want without the cost of an expensive remodeling job.