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How to Get Rid of Birds Hitting Windows in Colorado Springs

How to Get Rid of Birds Hitting Windows in Colorado Springs

Every once in a while, one of our customers in Colorado Springs will ask us how to get rid of birds hitting windows. Usually, this happens after they’ve had a couple of birds fly into their windows and break their wings or die. They want to know, is there anything that can be installed on windows to stop bird collisions?

The answer is, actually, yes. In this article, we’ll discuss why bird collisions happen and how bird safety film can help.

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Why Are Birds Flying Into My Windows?

It’s a good question. Flying into a hard surface like glass seems ludicrous. It’s bound to result in a major injury, if not death. So why do birds do it?

Well, as it turns out, they don’t realize what they’re doing. Birds don’t have any conception of what a window is or that they should look out for them. All they see when they’re flying towards a building is the tree branch or sky being reflected back at them. It’s an honest mistake.

And it’s entirely our fault. Us humans have invaded birds’ homes. And they’re dying in mass numbers as result. About one billion bird strikes happen in the United States each year.

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How Bird Safety Film Can Help

Bird safety film is a special type of window attachment designed to prevent birds from flying into windows. Colorado Springs home and business owners can install them on the exterior of their property to prevent bird collisions.

How they work is by using visual subtle cues to send warning signals to birds. The film is made with a special design, like thin, hard to see stripes or dots, that helps birds see flight path barriers like glass. Instead of seeing a reflection, birds see the design. That way, they understand that there’s something in their way and they need to fly around.

Does It Work?

Yes, it works very well actually! In fact, it’s even endorsed and recommended by the American Bird Conservancy.

You can learn more about these specialty films by reading this brochure: Bird-Strike-Window-Film-Colorado-Springs

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