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Drywired Liquid NanoTint in Colorado Springs

Drywired Liquid NanoTint, A Smart Solution to High Energy Costs for Colorado Springs Home and Business Owners

drywired nanotint colorado springs

There’s no denying it– in Colorado Springs, the weather can get pretty intense from time to time. Winter brings on freezing temperatures and the summer sun is no joke at this altitude. But keeping your HVAC system running all year long will surely result in a pricey electricity bill. Liquid NanoTint offers an easy way to reduce energy costs for your Colorado Springs home or business. Created by the experts at Drywired, NanoTint uses nanoparticles to mitigate thermal energy transfer which dramatically increases building insulation and improves occupant comfort.

Nanotint is Expanding the Constraints of Modern Architecture

It’s estimated that in the United States, approximately 40% of buildings are built with uninsulated single pane windows. This glass accounts for over 25% of the heat transfer that occurs in building structures. That means that all that money spent on heating and cooling your space literally goes right out the window.

Liquid NanoTint works to improve building insulation and increase its overall energy efficiency. It’s an effective method for reducing radiant and conductive heat without blocking out beautiful natural sunlight. And it costs half the price of triple and double pane windows.

How it Works

liquid-nanotint-colorado-springsDrywired Liquid NanoTint is a liquid, self-leveling substance that bonds directly to glass and polycarbonate surfaces. It’s applied to your existing glass windows just like paint and therefore doesn’t involve any expensive structural renovations. It’s highly effective in increasing building insulation and works to:
-Block out 100% of harmful ultraviolet rays
-Block out 95% of infrared light
-Maintain up to 78% of visible light transmission

Applications for Liquid NanoTint in Colorado Springs

Since NanoTint has a liquid form, it’s an incredibly versatile product and can be applied to nearly any glass surface. It has proven effective for increasing glass insulation in historic building windows, skylights, textured glass, bent glass, and more. Apply NanoTint to your Colorado Springs home, office, or government building to start experiencing serious savings today.

Installation Services

Are you interested in getting Liquid NanoTint for your home or business? Call Colorado Springs Window Film to get a quote or receive more information on this amazing energy saving product.