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How Can I Prevent Floors and Carpet from Fading in Colorado Springs?

How Can I Prevent Floors and Carpet from Fading in Colorado Springs?

Here in Colorado Springs, we get a little more sun than most places. On average, there are about 243 sunny days per year in the Springs. That’s about 100 more days than Seattle, Chicago, and many other major cities.

But as nice as it is not to deal with gray skies and dreary weather all of the time, there’s one major issue with having all this sun. Floors and carpets fade faster than you can imagine. Most homeowners spend about $900 to $2,000 on carpet. So the idea of it fading and wasting all of that money is kind of frightening.

But don’t panic just yet. We’ll let you in a secret that can help save your floors and your sanity. By installing window film for your Colorado Springs home, you can prevent fading and keep your carpets looking fresh and beautiful.

How Does Fading Happen?

There’s nothing better than new floors. No matter if you choose wood or carpet, new floors are great. Walking on new carpet is like walking on clouds. And who doesn’t love the warm, rich color of wood flooring? That’s why so many homeowners are devastated when they discover that their floors have faded.

UV Rays at Work

You think everything’s fine, but then you move the furniture and you discover that the entire area around your sofa has faded. And there are clear, distinct lines to prove it. Fading happens from too much contact with the sun. Even though your furniture is inside, it can still fade because of the uv light coming through your windows. UV light depletes colors rapidly. Eventually, it can strip all of the color away, resulting in a bleached appearance.

What’s the Best Way to Keep Floors from Fading?

No one wants to keep their blinds closed 24 hours a day. Our bodies crave the sun. We need it to stay healthy. At the same time, you don’t want to ruin your floors. If you’re looking for the best way to keep your floors from fading, window film is a great choice. It blocks out 99.9% of ultraviolet radiation without interrupting visible light. That way, your home stays bright and your floors are protected.

It’s true. Installing uv protection window film for your Colorado Springs home is an investment that’s well worth it.

Get More Information

With window film, you can keep your floors safe from the sun and still enjoy its beautiful natural light. For more information on window film products for your Colorado Springs home, please contact our office.