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Solar Gard

Solar Gard: Colorado Springs’ Solution to High Altitude Energy Costs

solar gard colorado springsThe weather in Colorado Springs is indeed a fickle friend. One day, you’re taking cover from the brutal high altitude sun and the next you’re bundled up from head to toe next to the fire. That’s why Colorado Springs Window Film is proud to offer a solution that can make your space more comfortable and energy efficient. Solar Gard offers the ultimate solution for defending your Colorado Springs home or business against the constantly shifting weather. These films work to reject excess solar heat gain, block out vicious UV rays, and cut glare all throughout your building.

The Solar Gard Difference

Solar Gard films are different due to their unique, innovative design. They’re constructed by sputtering precious metal deposits onto the outward facing surface of the film. This gives them the ability to reflect the sun’s damaging rays back into the atmosphere and also creates a highly appealing appearance. Solar Gard is the preferred choice among many interior designers, architects, and style conscious individuals.

solar gard film colorado springs

Benefits Unlike Any Other

Over the years, Solar Gard has built a reputation as being one of the most effective window films on the market. They have the ability to provide incredible benefits in both residential and commercial settings such as:
-79% heat reduction
-30% energy savings
-99.9% UV protection
-95% glare reduction

A Sustainable Solution Engineered by Saint-Gobain

Solar Gard is part of the efforts of the global wide, long-standing corporation Saint-Gobain. Saint Gobain has been in business for several decades and is one of the top 100 countries in the world. They manufacture and engineer products that are designed to create solutions to global issues such as resource protection and environmental preservation. Solar Gard is one of their many products specializing in habitat improvement.

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Solar Gard Window Film Product Spec Sheets

Installation Services

Colorado Springs Window Film is proud to be a licensed Solar Gard installer. Call us today to schedule an appointment to have Solar Gard installed for your Colorado Springs home or business.