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Security Film Can Protect Your Colorado Springs Business During COVID-19

Security Film Can Protect Your Colorado Springs Business During COVID-19

With local and federal mandated stay at home orders, the past few weeks have been incredibly difficult for many industries. Due to the spread of COVID-19, many Colorado Springs businesses have had to limit staffing, work from home, and even completely shut down. With empty businesses and less eyes in the public, businesses have never been more vulnerable to “smash and grab” burglary, but this does not have to be the case. Colorado Springs Window Film is continuing to install commercial, security film daily, under the federal and state “critical” regulation laws.

NOW is the Perfect Time to Have Security Film Installed on Your Colorado Springs Business.

Security is a necessity for the successful operation of every small or large business. While security systems have become one of the most popular forms of defense, security film can protect where security systems can not. The timing has never been better for installation. Here is why.

  1. An Empty Business is a Vulnerable Business: The current “stay at home” orders have created the perfect environment for “smash and grabs”. If your store front contain large windows and easily accessed valuables, while also being shut down, or on limited operation, you may be at an increased risk for burglary. In this case, your valuables could be taken in a matter of minutes.
  2. Security Film Succeeds Where Security Systems Fail: In many “smash and grab” burglaries, intruders only need a few minutes to get in and out. While security systems are very successful at damage mitigation and deterring possible events, they can’t do much to stop a burglary in progress. Did you know from the time a break-in is detected, it will take an average of 18 minutes for the security company to notify police and have them arrive on scene? What if you could completely prevent an intruder from entering you business, or delay them enough for the police to arrive? This is where security film shines. Security film strengthens your first line of defense and can completely prevent any loss of assets through immediate protection. Security film is preventative while security systems are reactive.
  3. Installation has Never Been Easier: The installation of security film is usually a quick and easy process, however it can sometimes hinder the workflow of a busy business. During installation, workers may need to temporarily relocate for a few hours and entryways may need to be temporarily blocked off. With a partially staffed or empty business, installations have never had a faster turn around rate.
  4. Other Benefits: Security film also has other great benefits. Many security films can also help with product preservation by offering up to 70% heat rejection and 99% UV protection. You could also get your security film installed with one way privacy and various frosted looks. Did you know that security film could also lower you insurance premiums? Contact your insurance provider for additional information.

The best time to protect your business is NOW, contact your Colorado Springs Security Film Experts today!