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Temperature Control Window Film Eliminates Uneven Temperatures in Your Colorado Home

Temperature Control Window Film Eliminates Uneven Temperatures in Your Colorado Home

Colorado is a lovely place to live, we get all four seasons, have beautiful views, have great skiing, and so much more. Although living in Colorado has its perks, due to the elevation,  every resident can agree the sun is brutal out here. Due to the varying weather and intense sun, Colorado homes are susceptible to uneven temperatures, or “hot/cold spots”. Even well-insulated homes, with high-quality double panes glass, are still vulnerable to uneven temperatures, often resulting in high energy bills and discomfort in your own home. “Hot/ Cold Spots” are the main factors in one of the Colorado anomalies I like to call, “The Colorado Room Migration”. “The Colorado Room Migration” is a reoccurring seasonal event, when residents shift from room to room in order to find the most temperate section of the house, depending on the time of year.  If this sounds familiar to you, it may be time to leave the “Colorado Room Migration” and settle down; temperature control window film may be the perfect solution for you.

Why My Home Has Uneven Temperatures and How Window Film Resolves It.

If your home has a good HVAC unit, double or triple pane glass, and good insulation, yet still experiences uneven temperatures, you may have one of these two problems in your home. Here is how temperature control window film can help.

  1. Poor Thermostat Placement: Colorado home owners love their sun and their views. While this provides for gorgeous views of Pikes Peak and beautiful sun-filled rooms, it is also one of the main culprits for driving your thermostat crazy! Is your thermostat located in a place that tends to stay warmer than the rest of the house? For example, your thermostat may be placed in a room filled with large windows, or receive direct sunlight at certain times of the day. If this is the case your A/C probably runs non-stop in the summer, and in the winter, your heater probably doesn’t like to run at all. This is a common cause of “cold spots” in Colorado homes, and there is nothing worse than sleeping in a room that’s never a comfortable temperature.
    • Resolution: In most cases, resolving poor thermostat placement is a cost effective and easy fix. If your thermostat is placed in a room filled with windows that cause direct sunlight to contact the thermostat, or cause the room to be warmer than the rest of the house, simply have temperature control window film installed on those targeted windows near the thermostat. Presto! Even temperatures at a low cost.
  2. Uneven Solar Exposure: Most Colorado residents have no control over which direction your home is oriented, if your home has rooms with a large South, Southwest or Southeastern exposure to the sun, you may be experiencing “hot spots” in your home. In this case, your thermostat is probably located in a temperate section of your home, yet certain rooms tend to stay very warm due to the constant Southern, solar exposure. Your A/C simply can not cool of certain rooms no matter how high you crank it up, and if you don’t have A/C this issue may be even worse.
    • Resolution: In most cases, resolving “hot spots” with window film is a cost effective and easy fix as well. Simply have climate control window film installed in the rooms that tend to stay warmer. Presto! Even temperatures once again. Window Film can reject up to 80% of solar energy while also adding an additional layer of insulation to your windows.

Next time you are uncomfortable in your own home or find yourself stuck in the “Colorado Room Migration”, do not hesitate to contact your local, temperature control window tint experts – Colorado Springs Window Film – today!