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Window Tinting Installation Services in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Window Film Installation Services

window film installation colorado springsSince 2008, Colorado Springs Window Film has been providing the residents and business owners of the Colorado Springs metropolitan area with reliable window tinting solutions. Over the past several years, we’ve fine tuned our techniques and perfected our window film installation process. We use the following steps to provide you with exceptional results.

Our Installation Process

Step 1

Our process starts with an in-depth consultation. First, we meet you on site to gain an understanding of the building, take site measurements, and discuss your goals for the project. Then, we will work you to schedule an appointment for the installation. If necessary, we can arrange for the installation to occur during off hours to accommodate your personal schedule.

Step 2

Next, we precut all of the film with a plotter to minimize waste and expedite the installation process. Then the windows are thoroughly cleaned to ensure proper adhesion. After that, we apply C-Bond to the glass and install the film.

Step 3

For all projects that involve C-Bond, the next step is to squeegee out the adhesive and clean up the edges.* We inspect the windows to ensure that there’s no imperfections in the film or the glass. Then we wait about 24-72 hours for the adhesive to set and the project to be completed.**

**Please note, for projects that are not applied with C-Bond, it may take up to four weeks for the film to achieve full clarity and adhesion. In certain cases that involve well-shaded areas or interior rooms that lack sunlight, there can be adhesion problems when C-Bond is not used for the installation.
*This step does not apply to projects that do not involve C-Bond primer.


Why We Use C-Bond

C-Bond is a window primer that works at the molecular level to strengthen glass and window film products. We use C-Bond to install our window film because it has the ability to achieve incredible benefits for our clients, such as:
Increases glass strength by at least 100%
Prevents glass from breaking due to thermal expansion
Protects against hail, golf balls, and lawn mower rocks
Drastically reduces the drying time for window film
Improves window film clarity during the installation period

More About C-Bond Systems

Repeated studies have shown that C-Bond Systems greatly improve glass strength and resistance to impact. We use C-Bond I for all general window film applications. When C-Bond II is applied to multiple layers of window film in a single application, it creates a high defense system that has the ability to provide ballistic resistance. For more information about C-Bond II ballistic defense, please refer to our C-Bond products page.

Certified C-Bond Dealer

Scottish Window Tinting is the only certified C-Bond Dealer in the State of Colorado.

Click Here to see our confirmation letter from the owner of C-Bond.




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