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How to Reduce Vandalism in Colorado Springs Transit Centers with Graffiti Shield Window Film

How to Reduce Vandalism in Colorado Springs Transit Centers with Graffiti Shield Window Film

Graffiti is a costly repair for all businesses, but when it comes to transit centers, the cost is even greater. Transit centers are natural magnets for graffiti. They’re made up of glass, metal, and mirrors – all of which are excellent writing surfaces. So naturally, they’re some of the most graffiti-ridden places in the world.

For managers of these facilities, dealing with the frequent and obnoxious interruptions that vandalism imposes is frustrating to say the least. You have to get the damage fixed ASAP or you could lose customers. That means spending time contacting repair companies and dealing with construction on your property.

Fortunately, transit organizations are discovering a new and better way to reduce vandalism in Colorado Springs. It’s called Graffiti Shield Window Film. And it’s one of the most affordable and effective solutions we’ve seen.

How Graffiti Shield Helps Transit Centers Ward Off Vandals

If you’ve never heard of Graffiti Shield before, you’re not alone. It’s a relatively new technology, so not that many people know about it. But in recent years, it’s started to become more popular, especially among transit centers.

A new type of window film, Graffiti Shield laminates actually look like thin sheets of metal, glass, and mirrors. They work by creating a thick shield that protects surfaces from graffiti. When a vandal goes to make their move, they end up inflicting damage on the film, not the actual object. And any existing damage is hidden by the shiny new film. This makes it more affordable to repair and maintain transit centers.

Applications for Graffiti Abatement Films

Graffiti Shield Window Films can be trimmed down to match surfaces of any shape or size. That means you can put them practically anywhere in your Colorado Springs transit center including:

  • Restroom mirrors and stalls
  • Metal doors, walls, and signs
  • Transit car interiors
  • Transit car exteriors
  • Windows and glass areas
  • Handrails, elevators, stairwells, and more
  • The applications and benefits for transit centers are practically endless!

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