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Case Study: Hotel Captures Stunning Views While Blocking Harsh UV Rays

Case Study: Hotel Captures Stunning Views While Blocking Harsh UV Rays

Our team had recently finished a commercial project for a local Marriot hotel located in the Denver area. The hotel was experiencing glare concerns during the afternoon that was causing a lot of their spaces to be under-utilized by their guests. Since there were so many windows throughout the property, window treatments would have been out of the question. Especially since their windows captured stunning views of the mountains and they didn’t want to block these during the mid-afternoon. Hotel window film offered the solutions they needed for improving guest comfort.

The Benefits of Hotel Window Film

Instead of utilizing manually-operated window treatments that would have cost them a fortune in labor to operate each day, they went ahead with hotel window film for their glare and UV concerns. Installing window film gave them the opportunity to keep their views optically clear throughout the day while making the space more comfortable and functional for their guests. Since they already had top-of-the-line glass installed, energy efficiency wasn’t an issue. We did trial installations of different products so that they could see how the final product would look installed. Since their property was mostly windows, it was crucial to find a solution that didn’t change the appearance of their property’s exterior. We’re happy to have helped them find the right window film solution for reducing glare and blocking harmful UV radiation.

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Colorado Springs Window Film is honored to be the leading hotel window film contractor serving the Colorado area. We have the largest selection of commercial window film solutions and are happy to work with your specific needs. We always provide free on-site consultations for all of our hotel clients.

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