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How Glare Reduction Window Film Can Help Students Stay Productive on Colorado Springs Campuses

How Glare Reduction Window Film Can Help Students Stay Productive on Colorado Springs Campuses

Glare Reduction Window Film For Better Schools In Colorado Springs

Here in Colorado Springs, our schools are where our students go to learn and giving them the right environment where they can concentrate is the key to higher learning. However, the truth is there are a ton of things that distract our students and removing these distractions is essential. One big source distraction is glare and solar heat transfer from windows that bothers and annoys students here in Colorado Springs from Colorado College to Pikes Peak Community College. A way to address and remove this problem for better learning and a host of other benefits is–glare reducing window film. Find out more below.


Reducing Glare Makes Students More Productive


Study upon study shows that glare kills productivity in schools, universities, and colleges across the US and since the sun is so bright here in Colorado Springs–here more than other places. When the element of glare is removed students can better concentrate on what matters–and there are three main reasons why window film solves these issues.


Reducing Glare Stops Strain on Students Eyes


Unfiltered natural light is tough on the eyes. Beyond the fact that the brightness strains them, causes them to water and blur is the fact that it causes adverse long-term effects–like loss of vision and some cancers–in the extreme cases. By applying glare reducing window film to their windows schools control the light–allowing in filtered natural light which actually promotes a good learning environment, while blocking the harmful UV rays that will damage eyes. This means students are able to work and concentrate longer with less eye strain and discomfort.


Reducing Glare Makes Computer Monitors More Viewable


When the rays of the sun are not stopped or blocked they often interfere with viewing of computer monitors. Today, in an age where almost all students carry and take notes on laptops, this means students simply cannot get their work done. Glare reducing Window film does a number of things to prevent glare from affecting screens including filtering it to make it softer, changing the angle of light and/or blocking it all together. Even at peak glare times of the day or in southern facing windows, schools in Colorado Springs that apply glare reducing window film, have students that will not need to struggle to view their monitors.


Reducing Glare Makes Students More Comfortable


If you have ever sat in class with the sun beating down on you through windows, you understand that it is very hard to concentrate. Glare reducing window film prevents this type of solar heat gain and transfer, therefore leaving students unperturbed by excessive heat. In fact, window film blocks 97% of the sun’s heat-producing infrared light. This keeps temperatures even, cool and comfortable and also protects students from harmful UV rays. When visible light and the infrared light are controlled students have a much better chance at learning undistracted and ultimately educational success.

Read the case study below for more information on window film for glare reduction in schools:

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