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How to Add Add Privacy and Comfort to Colorado Springs Hospitals with Window Film

How to Add Add Privacy and Comfort to Colorado Springs Hospitals with Window Film

Window Film And Hospitals: The Perfect Match

Hospitals are actually a great place for window film installation because the powerful properties that window film offer match perfectly with hospitals unique needs—the least of which is privacy. Many times in hospital settings, privacy is a commodity–hard to get but sorely needed–both from the outside looking in and within the building itself. Window film is a ready-made solution which allows patients the privacy they need from prying eyes, while still allowing for natural light to shine through–which is key to quicker healing. What’s more, window film is very cost-effective–something hospitals need in order to create private or semi-private areas within the lobbies, patient rooms, nurses station, and administration offices while staying in budget. Beyond just lovely appearance and privacy window film offers hospitals there are two other important benefits for patients, doctors, and nurses in hospitals that come from installing window film.

Additional Key Benefits Of Window Film For Colorado Springs Hospitals

Window Film For Temperature Control In Colorado Springs Hospitals

Untreated windows in any setting are prone to air leakage i.e. letting in too much heat from the summer sun and too much cold during winter. It is something that is unavoidable when windows lack proper insulation on the glass. However, it is something that is easily remedied by the simple addition of window film and adds comfort for both patients and staff. In a setting where consistent temperatures are a must, window film does the extraordinary


  • Rejects the sun’s heat while preserving patient views
  • Protects patients from UV exposure curtains and blinds
  • Increases patient comfort so they can heal faster


Window Film For Glare Reduction In Colorado Springs Hospitals

When patients are relegated to their beds for any extended period of time, as is common in hospitals–the glare through windows from the sun can be overwhelming, especially in the south facing rooms. Drawing curtains and blinds do work in blocking glare but also blocks natural light– potentially slowing the healing process. Window film allows in natural light while at the same time keeping annoying glare and detrimental UV rays off of patients while they heal.

If you are a hospital administrator or building manager looking for cost-effective solutions to any number of challenges facing your building like safety, decor, energy-efficiency or anColorado Springsy of the issue mentioned above, contact Colorado Springs Window Film today for information on what window film can do for your  Hospital!