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Bomb Blast Window Film Applications and Benefits for Colorado Springs Properties

Bomb Blast Window Film Applications and Benefits for Colorado Springs Properties

With so many government buildings, military bases, and secured properties throughout the Colorado Springs area, finding the right security measures is vital. Bomb blast film presents a budget-friendly opportunity for a wide array of buildings to protect employees, guests, valuables, and their property. Bomb blast defends against many, various threats that can present themselves at any time. This specialty security film offers comprehensive, dependable protection 24/7.

Bomb Blast Window Film Benefits for Your Colorado Springs Property

Bomb blast film utilizes multiple layers of durable security film installed with attachment systems and commercial, premium glass primers. By absorbing the energy from any high impact event and moving it sideways in all directions, bomb blast film holds all broken glass fragments together. This innovative security solution mitigates glass shrapnel, one of the number one causes of considerable injury and blast-related deaths. Bomb blast window film can safeguard building occupants and valuables from explosions, break-ins, burglaries, natural disasters, freak accidents, and much more. Bomb blast film is highly applicable for Colorado Springs schools, arenas, stadiums, government buildings, mass transit systems, and any public property. This passive security system never needs to be turned on, providing around-the-clock protection even when you’re not there.

Bomb Blast Window Film Installation in Your Colorado Springs Property

Colorado Springs Window Film is the industry leader in security film installation. We deliver comprehensive BEA and security assessments, over a decade of in-depth experience, alongside superior product knowledge. We partner with all the leading bomb blast window film manufacturers in order to guarantee you’ll find the perfect investment for your Colorado Springs project. The installation process is stress-free and focused on minimizing downtime for your business or commercial property.

For more information regarding bomb blast window film and other security projects for your Colorado Springs property, please contact us or call: (720) 287-6926