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Three Ways Colorado Springs Schools and Universities Can Benefit From Window Film Installation

Three Ways Colorado Springs Schools and Universities Can Benefit From Window Film Installation

Making the most of your school’s operating budget is always a challenge. The more money you can save on energy costs and maintenance bills, the better off your school will be. The easiest way to save money and invest in your building without blowing your budget to smithereens is to install university window film on Colorado Springs campuses. Here are a few surprising ways that a protective window film can benefit your school and your students.

How Window Film Benefits Colorado Springs Schools

Here are three ways Colorado Springs schools can benefit from window film.

1. Saves Money on Heating and Cooling Costs

University window film helps block the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter. The less the temperatures outside impact the comfort inside, the less your HVAC system has to work. This means your building uses less energy to heat and cool the space throughout the year. Over the course of a season, you could save hundreds on energy costs across your Colorado Springs campus.

2. Reduces Glare in Classrooms

With students relying more and more on technology, reducing screen glare is incredibly important. If students can’t see their screen to take notes or view the whiteboard because of glare, they won’t get as much out of the lecture. University window film installed by a Colorado Springs technician will take the worst of the glare away, leaving students with a clear view throughout their classrooms, library, and study spaces.

3. Protects Against Vandalism

Unfortunately, vandalism is incredibly common on campuses across the country. Bare glass is easily damaged and scratched. University window film protects the glass form damage. It’s impact-resistant, shatter-resistant, and can easily be replaced if a vandal strikes. This can save you money on repairs and reduce downtime in campus buildings after an incident.

Experience the Benefits for Yourself

See how university window film can help your Colorado Springs campus. Get a free quote and schedule an installation appointment today.